Freestanding Gas Electric Grill Cooking - Eagle Commercial

 Freestanding Gas Electric Grill Cooking - Eagle Commercial

Freestanding Gas Grill Cooking Products  Price
Our Eagle commercial kitchen equipment sales business is England. We can say that it is the first and most established company in the Industrial Kitchen sector. From the first years of its establishment to the present day, we have worked in the kitchen equipment sector in every field, as well as restaurants, houses, small or medium-sized companies, with reliable, high quality and guaranteed until today.
Especially used as “antique” in our homes; Atalay, which manufactures sini, cauldron and pot-based products, in the seventies, with the operability of aluminum material; We would like to state that we have made productions such as trays, pots, and serviettes and that we have been selling them in Turkey, especially in England.

Freestanding Electric Grill Cooking Products

  1. What are the Features of Grill Cooking Product?
  2. It is made of stainless steel.
  3. With its stainless sheet construction, it is long-lasting, easy to clean and hygienic.
  4. It has an ergonomic design that provides comfort to the user in every direction.
  5. The oil container is in the form of a movable drawer.
  6. Resistances designed for even cooking of the plate surface.
  7. Oil spilled on the plate is evacuated with the oil drain drawer, thanks to the inclined plate.
  8. It is thermostat controlled.
  9. It is controlled by two independent thermostats.
There are also corrugated or flat grilled Cooking models according to the demands of our customers.

Grill Grilled Cooking Product

We have both electric and grilled Cooking products. By stating that we sell all kinds of kitchen equipment as our company, we would like to state that our grilled products requested by our customers are ready and we guarantee all of our products.

Sales of Industrial Kitchen Products

We are in an approach that acts completely in line with the demands of our customers.
For our products that we sell both wholesale and retail kitchen equipment, it is enough to contact us. Due to the title of our subject, we would like to mention a point that I would like to make about the grilled cooking stoves. With our independent grill cooking stoves, you can enjoy a picnic wherever you are in the world.
Thanks to the innovative surface of our Freestanding Grill Gas Cooking hobs, the surface of the hobs is much easier to clean. Even fingerprints are easily erased. Stains formed after cooking on the surface of our Electric or Gas Grill Cooking hobs are quickly and easily cleaned without leaving any traces. Surfaces retain their shine. Definitely recommend.
Freestanding Gas Grill Cooking
Freestanding Gas Grill Cooking - Eagle Commercial

Freestanding Electric Gas Grill Cooking


  1. We are in an approach that acts completely in line with the demands of our customers.

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